Thursday Thirteen

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well on this Thursday. Today I will list my favorite pizza toppings.

2: sausage
3: canadian bacon
4: breakfast bacon
5: onion
6: bell pepper
7: black olives
8: mushrooms
9: hamburger
10: green chilli
11: mozzerella cheese
12: crushed red pepper
13:and sometimes Pinapple (but only with pepperoni)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.
Best Wishes,
Virginia Cavanaugh

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I’m a pepperoni & sausage girl or multi cheese. It might have something to do with being allergic to four of the things on your list but I prefer to think of it as wanting some things in my life to be simple *grin*

    Mine is up, 13 Favorite Ways to Avoid Writing 🙂


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