Interview Rhonda Print

Thanks Rhonda Print for taking out time to answer a few questions.

1: When did you first know you wanted to become a writer?
I don’t think I can really pinpoint a time, there has just always been a book floating around in my head. I started writing my first novel about 15 years ago when my first daughter was little. It got accidentally deleted and I never went back to it. When my third child got settled in school and the characters started poking at my brain, it just all came out into Nightwalker.

2:Why do you write?
I love it! Plain and simple. I’m constantly thinking up new plot twists and characters. I think writing is something you have to love, to do.

3:How long have you been writing?
My first attempt at a novel was when my first daughter was a baby. She’s 16 now. J

4:What keeps you motivated?
The characters, my husband, kids and my best friend Denise. They always want to know what’s coming up next!

5:Where do the ideas for your novels come from?
My vivid imagination.

6:What genre/genres do you write in?
Paranormal romance and suspense.

7:Why/how did you choose the genre/genres you write in?
The idea for Nightwalker came to me and the characters took it from there.

8:Where do the ideas for your novels come from?
I like to add a paranormal twist to what would be an ordinary situation.

9: What author/authors inspire you?
Erma Bombeck inspired me to start writing. She wrote a column, also published in one of her books about the last child starting school and a housewife sitting down and thinking about what she should do now. The housewife was her. She was a very inspirational person.

Tell us about your latest release.

Blurb: Nightwalker A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel
Leah Wolfe has retired from serious police work in favor of seeking a normal life. Her unique, yet not fully discovered supernatural abilities allow her to speak to the souls of the dead, providing vital information in the search for their killers. Her abilities have also cost her almost everyone she has ever loved including her mother, who abandoned her to fend for herself on the streets, and, most recently, her ex-fiance Joaquin Wildhorse, Chief Detective of the Native American Reservation Police Department. But when Joaquin’s new lover is found brutally murdered on the reservation, he turns to Leah for help. The hunt for a vicious killer leads Leah to sexy Ian Nightwalker and Leah is unable to walke away from the case that may cost her her most guarded posession of all.
Her heart.

Buy it now from:

10:How long did it take you to write it?
About 7 months from start to finish.

11: What is up next for you?

The yet untitled, second book in the Leah Wolfe SINS Novel series. I’m about halfway through it now.

Thanks again Rhonda for stopping by and giving us a peek into your life as a writer.

Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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