Thursday Thirteen

Things have been flying by this week since the release of Secrets of Night. I have decided to go ahead and give you thirteen sentences from Deceptions of Night for this Thursday Thirteen. I hope you enjoy.

Lex had just started to drift off to sleep when he heard a faint whisper of cloth. He remained in the bed as he listened intently for any noise to follow. After a few minutes of silence, Lex had begun to wonder if he’d imagined the noise but then he heard the near silent foot falls approaching from the hall. He forced himself to keep his breaths regulated as he watched the door to the bedroom through lowered eye lids. Whoever thought to surprise him was about to be surprised instead. He’d been raring for a fight ever since leaving the Order’s meeting.
The door opened on well oiled hinges. Lex willed his muscles to stay relaxed. There would be no give away of his readiness for the battle to come. He never thought he would be thankful for the heat, but as he lay on top of the covers that could have hindered him he sent up a silent thank you. Everything moved in a flash after that.
A jaguar leaped through the air toward him and he caught its front paws in a punishing grip at the last second as he rolled with it across the massive bed. They landed in the floor with him on top; both of them roaring their displeasure. The damn cat clawed at his bare abdomen.

Oh my, sounds like Lex has his hands full at the moment.
Best Wishes,
Virginia Cavanaugh

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