Thursday Thirteen

Hello Everyone!

With the upcoming release of Winter’s Shadow I thought I would give you thirteen sentences from it today. Hope you enjoy.

Mark couldn’t believe Julia had showed up on his doorstep. He’d just been thinking about how lonely it had become around the holidays with his parents gone and no other family around when he saw her get out of her car. When they’d dated in junior high and high school, she’d been a very pretty girl, but the woman she had become was downright beautiful.
He loved that she still wore her dark brown hair long. He had to resist the urge to touch it, wondering if it would be as silky as he’d remembered it. He watched her now across the table. She reached up and pushed her hair behind one small ear. Her almond-shaped, golden brown eyes were surrounded by dark lashes. Her full lips were the things of men’s dreams. The red turtleneck she wore stretched tight across her large breasts.
Memories from the past that had lain dormant now rose up to the front of his thoughts. He had shared many smiles, hugs, and jokes with her. Hell, they had even lost their virginities to one another in a moment that could be described as nothing less than awkward. The next day, they’d fought and that had been the end.

Best Wishes,
Virginia Cavanaugh


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