The music that inspires me

Hello everyone!

I noticed that when I am working on a story there always seems to be a song that floats around in my head. I’ll find myself humming it or singing it over and over during the time it takes me to complete the story.
So I decided to share with you the songs that seem to be the themes to my stories.
While writing Secrets of Night I found myself singing this song by Sophia Hawkins.

While writing Winter’s Shadow I kept coming back to this song by Gary Allan.

Now that I am working on Deceptions of Night I have two songs that play over and over inside my head. The first is by Saving Abel.

And the other is by Sara Bareilles. To me it reminds me of the inner struggle the characters are having.

Well I better get back to Deceptions of Night. I believe Lex is in store from some trouble today.
Best Wishes,
Virginia Cavanaugh

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