Gotta love the southwest

Hello Everyone!

So we have been having a really dry winter so far with no precep in sight. Now the wind is blowing like 30mph sustained with gusts in the 50s. Which I guess wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to get out in it.:[
So now I feel like I’ve been throughly sandblasted.

The bonus to all of this is tumble weed dodging. LOL. Want to test your driving skills? If you have to get on the highway in this weather around here, you not only have to watch traffic and pray you can see through the dust in the air that is kinda like thick fog, you also have to dodge tumble weeds the size of VW Bugs.
So you are traveling at 65mph, against the wind, your car is rocking, you can’t see nada, and then its break left before you cream into the tumble weed that is going to scratch the hell out of your paint job. Or get stuck in your bumper and catch fire, because it is so damn dry and either your engine heat ignites it or the friction of being drug across the road.
I’m telling you this should be a sport. LOL.

Now I had a friend ask me what tumble weeds look like so I figured I would share a pick I found on photo bucket to give a visual on what I am talking about.

Best Wishes
Virginia Cavanaugh

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