Thursday Thirteen

Content warning.  Post contains sexual content.

Hello everyone!

For this Thursday Thirteen I’m sharing thirteen sentences from Stacey Kennedy’s new release First and Last.  It is the fourth book in her Magical Sword series.  I hope you enjoy. 😀

Kyden laid there for a moment, his stomach moving up and down in heavy long breaths.   When he raised his head, his expression stunned me. He wasn’t sated or relaxed as I expected. Oh no, what burned in him was a need to take me for everything I had.
In a second, he had me on my side, my panties shredded, and drove into me with a force that stole my breath. He pulled my thigh up while he drove me to places where stars existed. The hardness of his erection left me flabbergasted. He had finished, there was no doubt of that. How he was capable of being so ready with this type of enthusiasm had me floored. But who cared! This was incredible. Now that we were bonded, not only was I feeling my pleasure, but I experienced his as well. “Sweet glorious Jesus,” I gasped.

Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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