Teaser Tuesday

Hello Everyone!

Thought I would start doing a teaser tuesday, to give you a glimps into what I have completed, or at times what I am working on.  For this week I am going to give you a glimps into Secrets of Night. 

Kierra had begun to lose hope of finding any clue as to what the hell was going on.

They had made their way from room to room on the second floor. She had conjured a

small ball of lightning to illuminate the darkened rooms. Each space had varied in its

appearance, from neat to pig sty. One drawer she had pulled open had her blushing and

closing it back swiftly. Of course, that had caught Kale’s attention, and he had quickly

come up behind her to open the drawer again, peering over her shoulder with a

whispered, “What do you suppose they do with that?”

She had rolled her eyes as she forced the drawer closed again. He had laughed but

sauntered back to the side of the room he was supposed to be searching. With every room

they entered, it became harder and harder not to notice his close proximity or that of an

available bed. The last room had thankfully been so disgusting in its smell and

appearance that it dispelled most of the intimate thoughts running through her head. They

had spent a good half hour combing every inch of the second floor. As her foot touched

the staircase again, she prayed they would find something on the next floor.

Kierra halted and extinguished her light as she noticed another light coming from

underneath the door down the hall as they rounded the corner on the third floor. A drawer

slammed and was followed by the sound of heavy footsteps.


 Hope you enjoyed this peek into Secrets of Night.  You can read the full first chapter and blurb HERE.

 Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh


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