Tuesday Teaser

Hello Everyone!

Back for Tuesday Teaser.  Today you will get a look into some of my rough work, if you will.  During the Luck of the Irish Blog Hop, I did a quick scene of two were-wolves that show up as secondary characters in a paranormal romance I’m working on.  That work in progress is at this time titled Lone Wolf.  To set the stage Tyra, the heroine, just returned to her home after having a run in with a couple of were-wolves.  One of these wolves claims that she is his mate.

A loud banging brought her out of her wool gathering session.  She turned as she heard a deep voice from the other side of the door.

“Tyra open the door.”

Her irritation from earlier resurfaced.  He didn’t even ask, he commanded her to open the door.  Definitely not a complication she needed in her life.  She’d been taking care of herself for some time now, and didn’t need anyone else, human or were, telling her how to live her life.  And this male would definitely be the type to try and push her around.  He expected to be obeyed, as any other alpha expected it.  She stomped across the small space ready to open the door long enough to give him directions to hell.  She flipped the locks, twisted the knob and sucked a breath into her lungs as she pulled open the door.  “You…”

My oh my.  Something has apparently given her pause.  Wonder what it could be.  Hope you enjoyed this quick look into Lone Wolf.

Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh


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