Thursday Thirteen

Hello Everyone!

Since Deceptions of Night will be released on Monday night, I decided to give you thirteen sentences from it for Thursday Thirteen. 😀  Hope you enjoy!

The cat scrambled away from him, claws sliding across the tile. He reached out and caught one back leg, causing the animal to trip. Then the jaguar turned and sank its teeth into his forearm. Lex decked the cat, and it let go. He didn’t give the hellcat one moment to recover before he’d tackled it back to the ground, this time putting the shifter in a choke hold from behind. The shifter halted all attempts to evade him as he applied pressure to its neck.

“Shift back into your human form now!” Lex ordered through labored breaths, but the jaguar made no move to comply. He increased the pressure and felt the jaguar’s limbs tense as its air flow was cut off. His hold eased up a bit. “I won’t ask again.”

A faint light shimmered under him as the jaguar began to shift. He moved accordingly to keep his hold as the jaguar slowly changed into the form of a human; a very naked female human.

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Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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