Thursday Thirteen

Hello Everyone!

For Thursday Thirteen I am going to share with you thirteen titles of my works in progress, along with any details I can give you about them. 🙂  The order they are listed in, doesn’t deem what order they will be completed in.

1: Visions of Night.  Book three in the Order of Night series.  This will be Travis and Anya’s story.  You will see Travis at the start of Deceptions of Night. 

2: Lone Wolf .  This book will be the start in a paranormal erotic series I am writing.  I shared a peek into it for a past tuesday teaser.

3: Disintegration of Night.  This will be Xander’s story.  You will see him in Deceptions of Night. 

4:Warring of Night.  This will be book five in the Order of Night series.  Not sure who is going to star in this one yet.  The way I have done the titles with these books is by what I need to happen at that stage in the story.  So each are like assignments in a way, and I am not sure who is getting this one yet.

5: The Best Man.  Contemp erotic novella

6: The Chosen.  This is one of my very first plot ideas.  It will be a paranormal romance in what I am calling A Warrior of Light series.

7: Beyond the Darkness.  Romantic Suspense

8: The Reunion.  Romantic Suspense

9: White Wolf.  Another paranoraml romance series.  I am really excited about this one. 

10: The Bonds of Trust.  Erotic contemp novella

11: Don’t Panic.  No, I have not forgot about this one, LOL.  It has just had to go on the back burner for a bit.  Romantic Suspense. 

12: Bonds of Night.  This will fit into the Order of Night series.  At this point it looks to be a novella that I am going to base on Tristan and his wife Cassie.  Something pops up between these two near the end of Deceptions of Night.  I just don’t know for sure where I want to put it in the line up yet.  Even though I wanted to keep it as a novella, thoughts are spinning in my head that would make it full length as well.  So we shall see where this one goes.  It may become book five and book five may become book six. We shall see.

13:The Hijacker.  This is an erotic sci fi that has been rolling around in my head.

So there you have it.  All these titles are working titles and are subject to change.  Hope you enjoy your Thursday!

Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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