Tuesday Teaser


Last week got a little crazy with sick kids and out of town relatives coming in to visit, so I fell behind in blogging.  But now I’m back for Tuesday Teaser.  Here’s a peek into Deceptions of Night.

Why are you trying to kill me?” he whispered right above her ear.

She shivered as his heated breath caressed her neck and became irritated with her body for responding. Attraction to a leech was a first for her. She had to admit his massive muscular body had moved with profound speed and power. His body had been shown off to perfection as he’d only been clad in a pair of dark silk boxers. No, she couldn’t think like that. Not only was he a leech, he was the leech she’d been assigned to kill. Nope, attraction definitely not allowed. She tried to shift her weight below him so she could breathe easier, and that was when she felt it. The evidence of his arousal now rested against her rump, and impressive was an understatement.

“Stop. Moving,” he grated out.

“Well, it’s not like it’s easy to breathe with you on top of me,” she huffed out.

He raised some of his weight off her upper body and braced it on his forearm beside her head. “I’m still waiting to hear your answer.”

“What answer would that be? Why I’m trying to kill you or am I going to show you a good time? Because I would say your body is asking its own set of questions right now,” she bit out, trying to ignore the fact that his movement had only served to bring his pelvis to set more firmly against her ass.

“Har har, lil puddy tat. I assure you that even though my body might have a mind of its own; it doesn’t mean that my brain is in my cock. I want to know why you were trying to kill me. But if you’re offering to show me a good time, I might take you up on it, if I can forgive you that is.”

“Dream on, leech.”

Hope you enjoyed!

Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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