Tuesday Teaser

Hello Everyone!

Back for Tuesday Teaser.  Here is a brief glimps into Winter’s Shadow.

He crossed over to her, and she turned away from the stove to face him.

“I’m really glad your mom fought to keep this old thing. I love how much heat it puts out.”

That stove had nothing on Julia. With only a look, she created a heat inside him that he swore would ignite him from the inside and burn him up. They stared at each other. He raised his hand to lightly caress the side of her face. Smooth skin slid against his palm. Her eyelids fluttered closed, and her head tilted slightly back. He slowly closed the distance between them. His lips brushed against hers. A mere grazing of skin against skin.

She took a step back, breaking the connection and turned to walk across the kitchen.

He sighed as he heard the cabinet door open and the sound of two coffee mugs being placed on the countertop. Damn it. He had made a move too soon.

Hell, he had probably been pushing it when he’d left his arm around her on the way home. No. This wasn’t her home, or at least it hadn’t been. Did she want it to be?

Why in the hell had she left? She had ended their relationship because she didn’t want to leave here. But she had left anyway. So what in the hell had changed her mind?

“Why did you leave with him?” The silence let him know she had stopped what she had been doing, but he didn’t turn around and face her. “What made Allen good enough?”

Hope you enjoyed!

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Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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