Hello Everyone!


I’m a little behind after a phone line problem, but now that it’s fixed I shall announce the winners!

Rae M.  wins:
Choice of two of my backlist ~ Sayde Grace
Choice of backlist ~ Lauren Fraser

Renee Bennett wins:
Choice of backlist ~ Juniper Bell
Choice of backlist ~ Virginia Cavanaugh
Choice of backlist ~ Sara Brookes

Wanda Flanagan  wins:
Choice of backlist ~ Trina M. Lee
Choice of backlist ~ Alanna Coca
Print copy of Two Lives in Waltz Time ~ Vivien Dean

Laura Dunks  wins:
Cover Story ~ Olivia Brynn
Signed copy of FATED ~ Rebecca Zanetti
Download of Blood Moons ~ Alianne Donnelly

Stacy Wilson  wins:
Free download of my book Burn: All-American Vampires 1 ~ Bree Younger
$5 Gift Card ~ Rebecca L. Gillan
Copy of Dreamspinner short story New Linen ~ Jaime Samms

Christine Hirth wins:
Free download of Sleeping with the Wolf or Wolf’s Glory ~ Maddy Barone
E-copy of Wicked Game available Sept 5th and an e-copy of Double Coverage ~ Mercy Celeste
Download of Let Me Count the Ways ~ PG Forte

Choice of backlist ~ Rebecca Gillan
Choice of backlist ~ Serena Shay
Choice of backlist ~ savanna kougar

Choice of backlist ~ Savanna Kougar
Nightwalker by Rhonda Print


And the winners that were drawn from the comments on my blog:

!st Christine Hudelt Hirth Choice of Backlist

2nd Brandi copy of Secrets of Night

3rd Cheryl Lynne copy of Winter’s Shadow


Emails have been sent to all my winners.  If you haven’t received an email from me and you have won a title from me, then email me at

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone!

Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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