Happy Thanksgiving and Giveaway!

Hello Everyone,


I hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving.  Everything always seems so crazy busy around the holidays.  Today I am cooking for my family and tonight I am shopping till the wee hours.  Yes, I brave the madness that is Black Friday.  Do you?

I’m thankful for my family, friends and many other things.  But let’s not forget the other part of the word.  Giving.  I’ll be giving away three copies of Winter’s Shadow, my romantic suspense novella that just happens to open right after Thanksgiving.  To enter, leave a comment here with your email addy.  I will draw the winners on Sunday at noon MST.




Read a first chapter excerpt HERE


I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, and safe Thanksgiving! 😀


Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh


11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and Giveaway!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I usually go out on Black Friday. I haven’t decided if I will this year or not. Next year Black Friday falls on my birthday so I will be sure to go out then. Good luck on Friday Virginia!

  2. Happy Thankdgiving Virginia

    I hvae black friday shopped for years but this year I am going to skip it and find some good online deals.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Virginia.

    I am thankful for a home to live in. We are still in the process of moving in. It is a slow process but at least we have a home again. My hubby and I went to iHop to eat today. I am thankful for being able to do that. I am thankful for all my family and friends. And I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

    I don’t go shopping on Black Friday. Several years ago while my sister and i were out (just looking around, not shopping) some people decided I was moving to slow and just plowed me over. Wound up with several bruises and a lump on my knee the size of a baseball. I had just had surgery 4 weeks earlier on the same knee. I won’t go near the crowds now.


  4. I do not shop on Black Friday. I don’t need or want anything that bad. Today is my day a year that I don’t have to do anything. Its lazy day for me and I plan on reading this afternoon.

    Thanks for the giveaway and I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.


  5. Had a great Thanksiving with the whole family, then went Black Friday shopping that night, battled the crowds, but got home around midnight.


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