Thursday Thirteen

Hello Everyone,

So happy to get into the swing of things in the new year. 🙂

For Thursday Thirteen I thought I would list thirteen things I’d like to get done this year.

1. New kitchen floor. I’ve wanted to change the flooring in the kitchen since we bought this house about four years ago. The current one is white, and living where there is a lot of dirt, it doesn’t work so well.

2. I want to pull the carpet out of my living room and restore the hard wood beneath it.

3. Complete the third book in the Order of Night series, Visions of Night. Because of medical problems with my kids and close family, I have fallen behind on writing projects.

4. Sign at least five contracts for WIPS this year. I would like even more, but five would really float my boat. 🙂

5. Some quality time with my DH. We usually try and get away for at least a weekend just the two of us. But this past year, every time we went out of town it was with kids or in laws in tow to do medical procedures.

6. Read.  Writing takes up a lot of time, so I would like to see if maybe I can get some more reading in.

7. Go to at least one conference if not more than one. I had so much fun at RAGT11 last year.

8.Get good reviews. It’s always nice to hear good things about a story when you’ve spent so much blood, sweat and tears on it. 🙂

9. Put my bedroom back to rights. After the holidays my bedroom seems to always become the place where everyone stuffs things.

10. Buy new living room furniture.

11. Be more active on the promo side of things. With everything going on, I feel like I’ve fallen down on this side of things.

12. Lose weight. This probably tops a lot of peoples list after the holidays. All that Christmas candy kills me.

13. Clean out my important papers file box. No really. Its just a box. I think the coffee maker came in it. LOL DH really hates my filing system after spending so many years in the military, LOL

So what are some things you’d like to get done in the new year?

Best Wishes

Virginia Cavanaugh


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

    • I hear you on the low cash flow. We use jars labeled with “kitchen floor fund” etc and as we get extra we put it in each project jar until we have enough to pay for it. You would be shocked how much money you can save by adding your change into jugs like this. 🙂

  1. I have speckled-white carpet, and wish I didn’t. It stays dirty since we live on a farm! I am also a terrible filer and use boxes and piles. Maybe we both need secretaries! Happy New Year!

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