Release Week Day Four Thursday Thirteen Addition

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you that purchased Mixing Business with Pleasure have enjoyed it! Since today is also Thursday Thirteen, I decided to share thirteen sentences from Mixing Business with Pleasure!

Sonia beat a path to her office as soon as they said their goodbyes to Mr. Golwyn. She plopped down in her leather chair and a huff of air escaped her lips. She needed to figure out how she was going to control her over-active libido while working on this project with Evan. The very thought of talking about the act of sex with him was a turn-on. It also made her feel like an idiot. She might have a thing about fantasies involving him, but that didn’t mean it was reciprocated.


Sonia darted her gaze up to see Evan leaning against the doorway of her office. A lock of his hair had fallen across his forehead. She wanted to push it back into place. Hell, she wanted to hold two handfuls of his silky hair as he… “Yeah.”

“I was thinking maybe I could pick us up some dinner, and we could meet up at your place to get started on the project.”

Sonia’s fingers began to flutter at her neckline. She could be professional, even alone…in her home…with him. “That sounds good.”

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Congrats to smartmouthtexan, yesterday’s winner! An email will be coming your way soon. 🙂

Today’s prize is winner’s choice! Winner get’s choice from Secrets of Night, Deceptions of Night, or Winter’s Shadow in ebook. Leave a comment below to be entered into the drawing. 🙂

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Virginia Cavanaugh

10 thoughts on “Release Week Day Four Thursday Thirteen Addition

  1. This would be a new read as well as a new author for me but my ears have perked up and I anticipate reading the whole book…..

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