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Please welcome Dena Garson! She’ s stopped by today to talk about all the bumps we encounter during vacation and to tell us a little bit about her new release with Ellora’s Cave!


Have you ever noticed that vacations don’t always go the way you think they will?

Foul weather might roll in and spoil plans. Sometimes illness puts a damper on things (and, yes, I consider PMS an illness). More often than not, it’s a person (or persons) that make your trip uncomfortable or downright unpleasant.
Shoot – I’ve had vacations go awry before leaving home!
A flat tire or a misplaced passport can delay your departure. The dishwasher taking a nosedive might force you have to shell out cash you planned to use on your trip. Oh! But the “best” one I’ve experienced:  The @#$% cat deciding the suitcase was a good place to use in place of the litter box!! Do you know how hard it is to get the smell of male cat urine out of fabric and faux leather??? Gaa!
When they do work out, vacations can be relaxing and give you a sense of renewal. If you plan it right, you get to see someplace new and have an adventure or two. If you’re really lucky, perhaps even mark something off your bucket list.
In my new story, Down to Business, Leigh Templeton is determined that she and her husband, John, will have the opportunity to enjoy a weekend getaway. John, unfortunately, has a few things that he needs to finish at the office otherwise he’ll be taking work with him. Leigh has a few ideas to make sure John finishes an extremely dull contract review so he can focus on her instead of work during their vacation.
Find out what lengths Leigh goes to in order to make sure they have a work-free weekend. Down to Business is now available on Ellora’s Cave.
Now it’s your turn:  How far would YOU go to make sure your vacation got off to a great start? Inquiring minds want to know!
Best wishes,
Virginia Cavanaugh

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