Guest Blog and Giveaway

Hello Everyone!

Please welcome Louisa Masters who joins us today to tell us a little bit about her new release. 🙂



I suck at sculpting. Even when I was a little kid, my clay pots were lopsided. After I saw Ghost, I tried my hand at pottery (who didn’t?), but it was a big flop—no pun intended.

Still, there’s an inherent sensuality involved in sculpture. Even if it’s not with clay, the act of smoothing and shaping seems very erotic. Which is, of course, what makes it such obvious inspiration for an erotic romance.

Think of it: first the concept, an idea, a shape. Then the material. Is it smooth? Silky? Rough? Texture is all about touch. And now, to meld the two…turn an initial vision into its physical embodiment. Doing that involves a lot of touch. Hard work, muscles, sweat, calluses…

The hero in my latest release is a sculptor of world-renown, with a special affinity for nudes. And he finds special inspiration with our heroine…

Ever had a one—night stand who didn’t want to go away? What happens when your one-nighter comes back into your life…?

Karen comes home unexpectedly to find her boyfriend cheating on her with her (male) boss, and another man. Can she really be blamed for pulling out the mace when they invite her to join in?

She mourns the loss of her job at a bar, gets a little tipsy…and somehow, she ends up having sex in an alley with tall, dark, and sexy Daniel. Something she’s never done before. Good thing they’ll never see each other again, right?


One month into a new job, she lands a fabulous new client, world—renowned sculptor Crogan. Except, Daniel Crogan turns out to be her one—hour stand. And professionalism is the last thing on his mind.

What’s a girl to do in this situation? Should she insist on a working relationship only, or give in to the demands of her body? And what happens when Daniel wants to sculpt her…in the nude?

You can read an excerpt and buy One Night in a Bar here and please visit my site to see what else I’m working on. In the meantime, I’m giving one lucky commenter a copy of Inter-Office Relations

With her resignation submitted, Jeannie Price has one last task she’s itching to perform before leaving her job. After months of sitting next to hot, sexy colleague Tim Harding, it’s time to turn fantasy into reality with a scorching invitation to collaborate on matters of the flesh in Conference Room B. Then she can walk away without regrets.

Tim’s dreams of wild, sweaty sex with Jeannie come true when he accepts her offer, but he’s stunned to learn she doesn’t want to see him again after their steamy tryst. She may be trying to brush him off as just one more item on her To-Do List, but he’s determined to convince her there’s nothing taboo about inter-office relations.

Big thanks to Virginia for hosting me, and I look forward to hearing what inspires you!


Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh


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