Hello Everyone!


Life has been crazy lately, and I have been away from my blog for a time. But I wanted to take some time to update everyone on what is going on in my writer life this year.

First let’s start with my recent release, Magical Kiss. A steamy story featuring a witch and a warlock published by Ellora’s Cave.




Magical Kiss

Virginia Cavanaugh


Being a carnal magic user doesn’t make Breeze Hawthorne easy. In fact she’s tired of the nasty names her kind tends to get labeled with. So when she finds herself paired with sexy water user Chehon McFlint, she’s determined to keep things professional no matter how bad her body burns for him.

A horrid beast is about to break loose from his underwater prison and Breeze is running low on juice. When she fails to get hold of her usual service partner she’s faced with a decision that could cost her emotionally. Chehon seems ready, willing and able to handle the job of recharging her, but she isn’t so sure he will leave her heart intact when the job is over.

A Romantica® Twilight erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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I will be attending the Naughty Sleepover in San Antonio Texas FEB 22nd. I hope to see you there. http://sassyseven.com/naughty-sleepover/

I have already reserved my room for Romanticon 2013! This conference is such a blast. If you haven’t attended before you must consider coming to party the weekend away with us in Canton OH. http://ecromanticon.com/

Right now I am working hard on Luken’s story from The Fire Inside. After I complete it, I’ll be moving onto a new werewolf story that is to be apart of a multi author series coming soon from EC. I’m really excited about this series that will offer many different paranormal stories. 🙂

After that it will be onto Javin’s book. You might remember this smart ass from The Fire Inside as well.

That’s all I have for now. Happy reading. 🙂

Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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