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Welcome to Day 6 of the CiC Release Blog Tour! Many, many thanks to the gracious Virginia Cavanaugh for hosting me over here today.


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Today’s character spotlight is a bit darker. The darkest, in fact. Today we’re talking about the Darkness, the force of evil that threatens the world of Spellbinding. Here’s a little section from the book that explains about the Darkness.








Copyright Regina Cole and Ellora’s Cave Publishing

All rights reserved.


Delia lifted her eyes as the High Priestess moved to the center of the circle. Standing tall with arms raised and palms upward, Ravenna finished the chant.


A shiver of foreboding ran through Delia and she glanced upward, even though she knew what she’d see in the pale moonlight. Darkness gathered in the tops of the trees and peered down on the assembled witches like so many carrion birds. The creatures, made of nothing but shadow and evil, were escapees from the Underworld. Bad karma run amok. Without these monthly circles to diminish the numbers, Darkness could easily overcome them, bringing destruction and horror to witch and human alike. Biting her lip, Delia grabbed for another tendril of magic to send to Ravenna.




It’s hard to fight an enemy that doesn’t exactly have a solid physical form. The witches of the world of Spellbinding routinely combat these foes, and without their constant work the world would be plunged into the dark.

I think that this particular foe is extra scary, because it houses a lot of the unknown. Darkness preys on our fear of the unknown. Who hasn’t been afraid in the dark at some point in their lives? When the enemy in a book is frightening to the reader (and the writer!) the danger is that much more immediate.


Creeped out by the Darkness? I don’t blame you!! How about a little giveaway to make you feel better? Only a few days left before the contest closes, so make sure you get your entries in now!




Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh


3 thoughts on “Welcome Regina Cole

  1. Well, that adds a little bit of scariness to the book. Another great element to make it all the more interesting. Patiently waiting for pay day so I can read the entire story. Thanks for these little sneak peaks. 🙂

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