Black Hills Wolves Blog Hunt

Hello Everyone!

Have you checked out the Black Hills Wolves Series yet? If not, then let me introduce you to a couple of different stories from this awesome series.

Wolf on a Leash


Longtime submissive, Patch Williams, never quite finds the release she seeks. When a new Dom comes to town, offering play she’s never tried before, it’s a battle to give into the pleasure he offers while keeping her wolf nature a secret.

Home from overseas service, Kennedy Laurie realizes a few things about himself—he only gets off when a little sadism is involved, and he’s terrified of going too far, getting lost in the play. Patch might be just the submissive he’s been dreaming of.

Patch recognizes the call to mate…but with an out-of-towner? Her body demands for her to submit, to tell him everything, but can her Dom tame the Wolf on a Leash?


Seducing the Schoolmarm


Ravage Galveston knew moving to Los Lobos wouldn’t be easy. He and his sibling have never had a pack. His gut tells him the Black Hills Wolves is the place for his gay twin brother and his wayward sister to thrive. Then he meets the town’s sexy little schoolmarm. How she manages to turn his entire life upside down, he has no clue.

For years, Adrie Scarlett taught at human schools. But when her need to shift increases, she must leave her old life behind and move to the Black Hills. Having always loved being a teacher, she decides to offer her abilities to the young Wolves of Los Lobos. She adjusts to her new life just fine…until a Shifter Mixed Martial Arts fighter Wolf strolls into her classroom.

When they meet, their Wolves recognize their mate. But will their human side allow their lust to burn into something everlasting or cause it to fade out?


Today I’m sharing  five of my favorite actors who played werewolves, and five of my favorite werewolves from stories.

1: Taylor Lautner as Jacob in Twilight series

I was always a team Jacob girl.

2: Michael Sheen as Lucian in Underworld.

Funny, he was in Twilght too, but he did so much better as a sexy werewolf.

3: Carl Thibault in Monster Squad

Because “Wolfman’s got nards.” LOL

4: Micheal J Fox in Teen Wolf

What can I say? I grew up in the 80’s 🙂

5: Tom Everett Scott in American Werewolf in Paris

I just always thought he was a cutie.


1: Drew Kincaid in Nalini Singh’s Play of Passion

2: Riley Kincaid in Nalini Singh’s Branded by Fire

Those Kincaid boys are awesome.

3: Fury by Laurann Dohner from her New Species Series

The series is an awesome one.

4: Ryker Grey in What a Wolf Wants by Heather Long

Who doesn’t like the strong silent types?

5: Lucan from When Lust Rules by Me.

Probably not fair that I used one of my own books, but this werewolf just holds a special place in my heart. 🙂


Who are some of your favorite werewolves? Comment below for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Winner will be chosen tomorrow randomly from the comments below.

Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh



10 thoughts on “Black Hills Wolves Blog Hunt

  1. Too many to name… Ok Here is a few … There was teen wolf to the Stephen King one to Black Hills to the P. Briggs to Carrie Ann’s to … (Beginning to prattle, I will stop there..)

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