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Excerpt Worth Fighting For

Hello Everyone!

Here is a snippet from Worth Fighting For!




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Myka rounded a corner and spotted Kaden exiting a walk-in fridge. “Hey. I’m glad you’re all for forgetting it because I sure didn’t want to have to tell you I’m not interested. A lot has changed since I was a teenager, including my taste in men.”

He laughed.

It pissed her off. “What’s so funny?”

“Honey, if that was you not being interested in the main bar, then I would be scared to see what interested looked like.”

Damn him. “You’re very rude.”

He shrugged again and cast her a smile. “I try my best.”

“What? To be an irritating ass?”

Both of his brows shot up. “Wow. Now who’s being rude?”

She wanted to throw something at him. How in the hell could she even have been attracted to him for even a second? “You started it.”


“Forget it.” She turned and stomped for the exit. This wasn’t going to work. Gee would have to get rid of the guy or find a different interior designer.

Large powerful fingers dug into her upper arm, and she found herself spun around and then plastered to a wall. His big muscled body pressed against hers.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot,” he said.

She clenched her teeth, staring up at him. Emotions waged a war inside her. She was pissed, but at the same time, her body was extremely aware of his. His scent filled her nose. Musk, pine, and clean sweat. Desire was on the rise. “Your point?”

He rolled his eyes. “Fine. I’ll apologize first.”

She waited but he said nothing. “Well?”

“Well, what?”

“You said you were going to apologize.”

“I did.” He smiled down at her.

She growled. “No, you didn’t.”

“Do you ever do anything but argue?”

She shoved him. “That’s it! Get off me.”

He didn’t give an inch. “I’m sorry, all right?”

She blew out a breath to try and clear the few strands of her blonde hair falling from their pins into her view. He reached up and brushed them away. Holy shit! Her body trembled, and desire coiled tighter in her lower belly. How in the hell could she be attracted to him still?

“Are you always so rude to people?” she asked.

One side of his mouth tipped up in a smile. “No. And to be honest, I’m kind of mad at myself for provoking you.”

“Then why did you do it?”

He cleared his throat again and stepped away, running a hand through his hair. “Doesn’t matter. How about we call a truce?”

She tugged at the edge of her blouse. It had ridden up during their struggle. “Fine. No more insults?”


She gave a crisp nod then let her gaze roam over the room. There were lots of things she wanted to ask him. Their truce didn’t exactly invite her to play Twenty Questions, though. She chanced a glance at him and caught him staring at her with a quizzical tilt to his head. Crazy thing was he didn’t even try to flinch or hide his open interest.


Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh


Post Con Giveaway!

Hello Everyone,

Now that I’m back from Denver, I wanted to share some swag and books with those that didn’t get to go to RomCon.

I have three tote bags filled with goodies, print books and ebooks. And all you have to do to win is leave a comment below telling me something you like about my books, or what your favorite book of mine is. Extra entries will go to people who also post a link to a review they have done for my books on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance eBooks.

Winners will be drawn using Random DOT org. Deadline to enter is June 30, 2014 at 11:59 PM MDT.



Good luck everyone!

Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

Release Day!

Hello Everyone!

Tell Me Your Secrets is now available from Ellora’s Cave!




Tell Me Your Secrets

Virginia Cavanaugh


A book in the Emerald Isle Fantasies series.

Jesenia North chases her writing muse all the way to Ireland. Surely Castle Tullamore will provide some inspiration for a new book. What she doesn’t expect is to become the hunted, not only by a rabid wolf, but also by a very sexy Dorian Kavanaugh.

Dorian will stop at nothing to keep his race a secret, but when the high-spirited Jesenia is chased by his rabid packmate, Dorian must find a way to redirect her attention. And he isn’t beyond using hot sex to do it.

Now he must hunt down Grady and kill him along with the mutated strain of rabies before people find out that there are shifters in the area. But touching Jesenia has a price, one he may very well pay for with his heart.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



Hello Everyone,

Things have been crazy busy of late in the writing department. I wanted to share with you some things that are up and coming for me.

First. The release of When Lust Rules on September 20th. A lot of people have already told me how excited they are for this second book in what I am loosely calling  The Ozark Wolves series.


Lusty dreams of a tall muscular man with long dark hair have filled Julie’s mind for the last few months, leaving her wanting alone in her bed. It would be one thing if he was only a figment of her imagination, but he was flesh and blood and had even asked for her phone number. But had he called? Hell no.

So when he shows up out the blue at her job, she really wants to push him away. But there is something primal and erotic about this man that calls to her.

Luken is reluctant to get involved with a human female, but for some reason he can’t get her out of his head. He has enough on his plate with running his new pack, but the little blonde seductress presents a temptation he can’t resist.

But when Julie’s past catches up to her, Luken is prepared to offer her his protection, along with his bite, making her one of his own.


Next bit of news is that I have signed Winter’s Shadow with Fated Desires. I am happy to join their team. Cover art is still forthcoming. I can’t wait to see the new cover for this one. But I do have a release date. December 10th.  Just in time to heat up someones holiday. I went through this story and made some additions.

I went back and forth on what to do with the Order of Night series. I really wanted to finish it and I finally decided how. This series will be self published. But don’t worry, it will still be quality work. I will use a freelance editor for the upcoming books, and I know she is worth her salt. Also she is providing me with awesome new covers. The best news is, Secrets of Night will be free and I plan to keep the pricing of the subsequent full novels at $2.99. I will keep you all updated on this as it progresses. But check out these new covers for Secrets of Night and Deceptions of Night.






I should get edits soon for Tell Me Your Secrets, a paranormal novella that will be part of the Emerald Isle Fantasies series at EC.

Right now I am working on the third book in the Ozark Wolves series and a joint ghost story with the awesome Rebecca Royce. That story will also be part of the Emerald Isle Fantasies series with Ellora’s Cave.


I will be attending Romanticon in Canton Ohio on OCT 10th- 14th. And when I get back I plan on registering for RomCon in Denver CO. My partner in crime, Dena Garson will be attending with me. I have not yet decided if I will attend the Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio in FEB, but I really want to. Hopefully I will be able to know something by NOV at the latest.

Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

More Emerald Isle Fantasies Books!


So this series is on a roll! Here are two more awesome stories for your enjoyment!


Part of the Emerald Isle Fantasies series

When American-born Katie takes her mother’s ashes home to Ireland, she finds hunky but spellbound Seamus loitering in her suite at Castle Tullamore. Seamus is surprised Katie can see and hear him because he was turned into a spirit three hundred years earlier. He acts as her personal tour guide, not only showing her the historical sights but introducing her to voyeurism and a variety of other carnal delights. As frustrating as it is not to be able to touch each other, they push the limits as far as possible.

Katie is determined to help Seamus break the spell cast on him by the wife of a previous lord, a woman he refused to take as a lover. With help from a few castle ghosts and the local witch, the two of them aim to free him and find a way to be together in the flesh.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave




Part of the Emerald Isle Fantasies series.

Felicity Hahn is a thief on the run in Ireland. She can’t go home and spends every day hoping Interpol doesn’t catch up with her. But when she steals a crimson-red necklace, she may have gotten more than she bargained for.

Cian Finnegan is a vampire who was turned outside the gates of Castle Tullamore over three hundred years earlier. He chases the woman who stole his necklace back to the castle, now a hotel, both to recover his possession and because her scent makes him as hard as hell.

Can the magic of the Emerald Isles give these two a happy ending, or is it too late for them both?

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh